We are multi-passionate, heart-centered entrepreneurs that firmly believe in community. In the power of healing beyond stigmas. In the transformation that can occur when we come together.

At Discovering Therapy, our aim is to facilitate your life as much as possible, by offering a wide range of qualified therapists and information to accompany you through your self-growth path.

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“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.”

Luisa Argueta

Managing Director

Luisa is our managing director and co-founder. She is deeply passionate about self-development and is convinced in the power of transformation. She is the one that connects all parts of our team to make sure it runs smoothly. She brings the heart and oversees that every single detail is taken care of.

Shadya Karawi-Name

PR & Brand director

Shadya is our brand director, psychologist, speaker, author and influencer, specialized in holistic therapy. As one of our co-founders, she is a crucial part to our journey and success. Being an inspiration to our team, Shadya is responsible for taking our brand to ears and therapists around the world.

Paul Malam

Technical Director

Paul is our co-founder and technical director. When he’s not  solving an issue or playing around with code you can find him trying to convince the world that a keto diet is the answer to most problems. A multi-talented engineer by trade but a true family man at heart, we’re lucky to have him on board.

Hanna Downs

SEO Director

Hanna is our co-founder, SEO lead and all things human rights advocate. She’s spent the last 8 years building up her SEO experience and language skills working with a multitude of companies in 4 countries. Aside from Discovering Therapy, she works on developing her SEO agency, Contemplate Digital.

" I am my own muse, I am the subject I know best. The subject I want to know better"

Frida Kahlo

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