Is your mind an obesogenic environment?

Reading the other day about Nutritional Coaching for children, I came across a very interesting term: “obese-genetic environment” about which today I want to talk to you because although in the book they talk about it as a physical space, I also think that there is an emotional obesogenic environment.

To go from one concept to another, let’s start with the obesogenic environment that says textually: “It is the set of external factors that surround us that can lead to overweight or obesity. Thus, an obese-genic environment can be one that encourages a sedentary lifestyle because it is full of technology that facilitates “no human effort” or one that encourages us to eat more and of poor quality ”.

From the outset, the term refers to physical spaces as I mentioned at the beginning, for example, the existence of vending machines in workplaces, schools, etc. where also what they contain is anything but healthy: potato chips, chocolates, sweets, soft drinks, etc. However, if you read the definition, it covers much more because it refers to everything that for the sake of carrying the banner of technology turns the simplest events into a sum of things that lead us to sedentary lifestyles such as the drive-thru of the restaurants, or services like Uber eats where with just a couple of clicks you can access your favorite food without even having to move from the couch (only when you have to go out for it haha).

However, I want to add another branch other than the physical one, where we can turn to see technology as the “culprit” of the obesity problems that humanity faces (sarcastic tone) and not turn to see the obesogenic environment that we ourselves generate by not attending to or creating awareness of our emotions and simply looking for a way to anesthetize them, divert them or turn them off momentarily. I would call this an “emotional obesogenic environment” and it is rooted precisely in our emotions, which accompany us everywhere, there is no way you can get to work and leave what ails you at home outside of your work and vice versa, we load our mind, our body and our spirit and our heart with ideas, thoughts, judgments and emotions that we do not travel, that we do not allow ourselves to live, it seems that today we are afraid to feel and face our emotions, emotions were made to be felt not retained, however currently it is much easier to run to the store and buy bread, some fried chicken legs, go to a bar and fill up on alcohol, or raid the pantry and refrigerator to fill yourself with food and anesthetize the pain.

How many times do you come to a meeting and when others ask you: How are you? From your mouth come pure complaints and problems, you talk about how bad your whole life is, how bad luck you have, and how everything goes from bad to worse … What do you think that causes your mind and body? Chemically there is an increase in the level of cortisol which makes your adrenal glands, your pancreas, and your liver work urgently to level and balance the chemistry of your body and mentally and emotionally, just what you are doing is creating an obesogenic environment producing through your words a horrible, uncomfortable and painful reality which you obviously want to evade or at least anesthetize yourself and forget about it for a moment.

For this reason, it is vitally important that today you stop and see what you feed your 4 bodies (physical, mental, spiritual, and energetic) since it is useless if you pay close attention to what you eat if your mind only inhabits Self-critical, destructive, petty and complaining thoughts, what is the difference between walking to a junk food vending machine and having an internal conversation with yourself where you mistreat yourself, humiliate yourself or disqualify yourself? None!

Your word creates, and it becomes a word since, in your mind it is a thought, in your body it is a physical sensation, in your energy field it is a vibration or in your heart, it is an emotion and when you name it, right there you start to create your reality, long before a word comes out of your mouth … what words come out of your mouth? With what energy, thoughts, emotions or food do you nourish your 4 bodies? Do you really nourish them or do you just feed them? From Masaru Emoto’s water messages, through Rafael Echeverría’s Ontology of Language and reaching the study of Kristin Neff’s self-compassion, in all current and not so current currents there is talk of how reality is created from the inside out , an idea that has prevailed since time immemorial in the East but that in the West is exactly the reverse, we want peace, tranquility, fullness, love, compassion, success, to come from outside and “fill” us and not find that satisfaction on the outside we have turned to fill it with flour, carbohydrates, sugars, alcohol and so many things created just for that to fill and in some cases fill all the gaps that we feel unable to fill by ourselves turning our own mind into a obesogenic environment, where our uncontrolled thoughts and emotions lead us to seek a way out instead of learning to take responsibility and manage them, but we are so busy You are immersed in the race of “it is never enough” that it seems that there is no time for anything else: there is no time to feel, to connect, to explore; When I’m giving room training, it never ceases to amaze me the inability that people have developed to describe how they feel, for better and for worse, it seems that the majesty of the range of emotions that human beings are capable of feeling is summed up a: good or bad, and of course it is not to be expected that this disability will be filled by external factors so at the end of the day it does not matter how you feel: sadness, desolation, nostalgia, disappointment, hopelessness, no matter what name or how you feel, in the end everything can be “filled” with food, or something else.

We must stop throwing responsibilities out and start taking responsibility for our emotions and thoughts: What do you do with your emotions? Do you accept them, face them and let them go knowing that they are not yours, that they do not belong to you and that they do not define you as a person either? Or do you fight tirelessly for not feeling this or that way, which inevitably causes you to fall into anxiety, depression, frustration, feeling unable to change your mood, which leads you to find a way to avoid what is happening? and then turn to alcohol, drugs, binge eating or some other type of excess or addiction?

Emotions were made to be lived, not retained, they do not belong to you or define you, they are simply fleeting feelings, like soap bubbles, which if you look carefully in a short time will burst in the air and disappear, or you can decide if you cling to them making them remain in you and allowing them to leave sequels, and it is exactly where I ask you: is your head a genetically obese environment? Is it a place where all emotions are welcome and you allow yourself to experience them and then let them go? Or as the initial definition says, with a small adaptation: Is your head an environment that encourages emotional sedentary lifestyle to be stimulated by being full of ways of avoiding that facilitate “no effort or responsibility” or, one that encourages us to eat more and have shoddy thoughts and attitudes?

Start paying attention to that part of you that you are not going to train in a business school, in a diploma, or with a master’s degree, but with creating awareness to listen to you, take care of yourself and know yourself, taking charge of your emotions is part of intelligence emotionally and unfortunately it is what we invest the least because it seems that at the end of the day it will not increase 0’s to your check, what if it will increase will be quality, congruence, warmth, and tranquility to your life and your personal, business and work environment.

Cristina Porras(Guest Author) Body Mind & Soul Coach

I am dedicated to life coaching, I am passionate about human behavior, its ideas, its habits and above all the way in which we nurture it physically, mentally and spiritually, which has led me to focus on the practice of Mindfulness, mindfulness eating and meditation, becoming the result of my own experience and giving me tools to accompany people to the discovery of their own greatness.