5 tools to learn to follow our intuition

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift”

Albert Einstein

What is intuition?

We all have different types of intelligence, the most common, logical-mathematical intelligence and emotional intelligence. Why when we develop our intuition we become emotionally smarter and happier? Because we learn to recognize our inner voice and follow it unconditionally. It is a brave and effective decision in our personal path.

Intuition is that part of us that awakens and resonates based on our emotions, past experiences, values ​​and inner wisdom that we cannot access through logic. It´s an internal wisdom bank that we can decide to listen to or not and use in our day to day life to guide us when we face big and small decisions. Do you recognize it?

Intuitive intelligence and decision making

Have you ever been about to make a crucial decision and something in your gut told you that the right thing was the most illogical, risky and meaningless option? Well, that was your intuition knocking at your door. If when you make a decision you experience a sense of calm and certainty, surely you have made the right decision and most likely this decision has been driven by your intuition, the highest intelligence possible.

5 Tools to develop our intuition

Intuition is like a muscle that the more you exercise and feed, the stronger it gets. Highly intuitive people put into practice certain tools to strengthen their connection with their internal self, such as:

1. Connection with their emotions:

As a society, we are used to judge what we feel as good or bad: “how I am going to cry in public? How am I going to show that something is hurting or bothering me? How I am going to speak about it?” And in this not knowing how to cop, we repress what we feel, we completely explode or we become addicted to something external that helps us to cover up what we feel, which leads us to block our inner power and silence the voice of our intuition.

Learning to manage our emotions, without labeling or repressing them, is infallible when it comes to connecting with our most intuitive part. Being present, welcoming what we feel, pleasant or unpleasant, breathing and trying to hear what each emotion means can help us to live a happier and more conscious life.

2. Appreciation

Awakening our ability to thank and honor what we have, change our habit of label situations in our life as good or bad and concentrate on what we do have, can be one of the most effective tools to strengthen our inner connection.

3. Learning to spend time with themselves

A very important characteristic of intuitive people is that they take time to spend with themselves. Stop the external noise and learn to enjoy your time alone, as this will help you to listen better and to recognize your inner wisdom. Take a walk while listening to music, travel, meditate. Choose what resonates with you and enjoy yourself while strengthening your intuition.

4. Ability to listen and respect their inner voice:

Once they learn to connect with their intuition, they have to give themselves permission to listen to their inner voice, be honest and respect their values and passions.
Let’s say you have the “perfect” job but every day you get up you feel it drains you, just thinking about going to work the next day makes you feel ill and empty, you feel unhappy. If you could listen to your intuition you will know that it would be best to find another job that is more in tune with you, your values ​​and your passions and make the leap. This is part of respecting what you feel and your inner voice, honoring who you are and what makes you happy and listening carefully to your emotions when something makes you unhappy, plus acting accordingly, is a great sign that you are exercising your intuitive power.

5. Espirituality and meditation

Creating and strengthening a spiritual conscience, meditating, coming back to the present, opening your heart and putting your logical mind away will help you to be more intuitive. Taking a minimum of 10 minutes to connect with yourself will help you to develop and strengthen your intuition.

A last boost of inspiration

Listen to yourself, learn to be your own teacher and believe that you have the ability to find your own answers following the direction of your intuition. Perhaps, the next time something in your stomach tells you that something is the best for you, just do it. Do what makes you happy by honoring your unlimited inner wisdom.

Do you listen to yourself? Do you respect what you feel and what your intuition tells you in your day to day life? What do you do to connect with your intuition?