How to identify and live your purpose

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What is my purpose? What is the meaning of my existence? What did I come to Earth to do? In what way can I make my life worthwhile?

Have you ever asked yourself any of these questions? We spend our lives believing that there is something magnificent that we have to do. That purpose is something that is discovered. And it generates great frustration when it is not like that.

It seems that we all need to do something, to prove something. Actually, we forget the most important thing: our only true purpose is to live.

Yes, to live fully this life that mom and dad have given us. To live fully each of the experiences that I go through. Feel them with intensity. Let them move me. Discover myself. Get to know myself. Share myself.

With the passing of time, I have understood that the search for the vital purpose is something that has created greater separation between us. That has made us believe that there must be a single passion that moves us. That we have to have clarity and focus. That we have to do, and do, and do.

Today, I want to invite you to remember that by the simple fact of being alive, you are already living your purpose. You have come to this planet to be YOU. In the most authentic way that you can. With your doubts and your fears. With your certainties. With your multiple passions. With your beliefs and experiences.

There is nothing outside. There is nothing that you have to discover that will give you the joy, the connection, the tranquility that you are looking for, rather than going back to the origin, to the center, to the beginning. To that place where you remember that being born already fulfills a purpose.

I am going to share 5 things that in times of tribulations, of anguish, of doubts, always manage to reconnect me with my existence, with my purpose, with my being:

1.Enjoy your passions

Yes, passions in plural. They have made us believe that we have to decide on one thing and focus on it. That we can have only one passion, one great love, one thing that moves us. Actually, as the changing beings that we are, we have the wonderful possibility of having many passions. Enjoy them, dedicate time each day to them. Make them a priority. Water them like those divine flowers that fill us with color every spring. Although it seems that they are not connected between them. Although you may think that they are not important, or that they are nonsense. Enjoy your passions and life will inevitably bring you more passions to enjoy. You will open the doors to experiences that you have never imagined. You will open the possibility of wonderful people entering your life. Enjoying your passions, is to enjoy life and everything that it brings, as it comes.

2. Remember that nothing is forever

Neither the most aggressive storm nor the brightest rainbow. Each experience you go through is part of the whole plan. Of the duality that we enjoy as human beings. Allow yourself to connect with all those other times in which you thought you could not do it, that you would sink, and see how you have survived. What you have learned, what you have transformed. If you start to remember that nothing lasts forever, you will let go of what you can’t control. You will become more present and you will allow yourself to live more fully what the here and now is gifting you.

3.Identify your values

When you are clear about what is really important to you, it is easier to feel that you live a life with purpose. Make a list of 20 words that are important, and choose the most relevant ones. Stay with 3 values ​​that move you, that connect you and make sure your days are full of activities and encounters where you can live them to the fullest. For me, freedom, connection and community are my fundamental values ​​and since I give myself permission to prioritize them, I enjoy my days more and I feel calmer because I know that everything I do is in absolute coherence with what moves my soul. Allow these values to transform as you transform yourself. You can always choose new ones depending on the vital moment that you are in.

4. Honor your origins

It doesn’t matter how your relationship with your parents is. It doesn’t matter if they have been present in your life or not. It doesn’t matter how much you know about your family history. When you remember where you come from and you appreciate it, you can truly ground yourself. You can understand that your sole existence is the greatest purpose. That all those men and women who have been here before you, have done the best that they could and that if we changed one of those characters, you would not be here reading these lines. Only then will you be able to take the life that they have given you with strength to do great things with it.

5. Be there for yourself through every step you take

Choose self-love above all things. Embrace your light and your shadow equally. Allow yourself to be, to feel, to express. Put yourself first. Address your needs. Ask for what you want. Dare to be vulnerable. Share yourself. Remember that you are unique, just as each one of us is too. Your existence makes sense. We each play a part. We all are needed. When you are there for yourself with absolute love, you begin to find more and more reasons to live fully and always give your best.

Being alive is part of the plan. By doing so, you are already living your purpose. Be compassionate with yourself. Stop looking outside for something bigger. You are the greatness and magnificence of life. Realize that your life serves a purpose, as well as every step that you have taken, every aspect of your history, every feeling and thought that has gone through you.

Live your purpose. Live your life. However you want to live it. Under your own rules. The greatest good you can do to humanity is precisely that. Live. Share yourself fully. Shine. Remember that each one of us is unrepeatable. The world needs you and needs your gifts. Start to live with purpose. Now.