Letting go: How to trust in life

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Often, we want to give our life a complete script. So that everything happens when I want it and how I want it. And, thus, time passes, us bathed in suffering, in anguish, in frustration, in anxiety.

We forget that there is something bigger and stronger than us that moves everything. That we do not need to be controlling every detail. That, undoubtedly, everything flows more when we let go, when we are in harmony, when we trust.

I know, it’s easier said than done. Taken into practice it is supremely painful to set aside something that is important to us. We believe that by clinging, that when trying to find solutions, we will make the situation dissipate.

Actually, the solution is never in the same place where the problem was created. This, in general, is usually our mind. That wise specialist that characterizes us humans and does not stop ruminating.

We focus on deciphering the next step. We want to control our actions, that of others and that of life itself. At least, that’s exhausting me. How has it been for you? Did it give you results?

What would happen if you let go of the situation? If you trust that everything will be resolved? If you ask for help? If you trust that everything is really happening for a perfect purpose, even though you can not see it now?

There is a key that for me, allows us to heal everything, transcend everything, understand everything. And that key is the present moment. When we stay there, we begin to see life in a different way.

Come back to the present

Human suffering, in general, happens for one of two things: we are agonizing over something that has already happened or anxious about something that has not happened yet. If we decided, for real, to focus on the present and live in it, our lives would undoubtedly be much happier.

Often, I spent my days with a feeling of emptiness in my stomach. No matter how hard I tried, I could not help wondering how things would have been if I had acted differently, I blamed myself for what I did or did not do, I could not forgive others for the supposed pain they had caused me. I felt frustrated and helpless. My past seemed to be the only thing that occupied my days.

At other times, I spent whole nights without sleep. Anxiety gnawed at my insides and the voices in my mind did not stop. I was wondering what I could do to get a job, to meet the man of my life, to generate some income. I spent hours making plans and trying to control every movement and every character I thought I needed. The future looked frightening, and it felt like an inevitable boomerang that, each time, was closer.

It added to exhaustion and, in the end, it seemed that my life was oscillating between the past and the future, leaving little, if any, place for me to enjoy the present. It was then when I realized that I was losing precious seconds of the wonderful life that has been given to me. For thinking about things and people who are no longer there or who have not yet arrived, I did not appreciate those who were, at that moment, walking the road with me. I was not able to see that happiness and fullness winked at me daily, as if trying to capture my attention.

I decided, then, that time is relative and that, how the past can not be changed and we completely ignore the future, the present was the safest and most incredible place where I could be. There, lie the valuable opportunities to achieve everything we want, to feel complete and to enjoy the small great things in life.

This is an invitation to take advantage of every moment. To smell the flowers and to hug tightly. Let us feel, whatever we need at that moment. To get off our heads to vibrate more from the heart.

When you feel sad and confused, focus on the present.

When you do not know which road to choose, focus on the present.

When frustration caresses you, focus on the present.

When anxiety does not allow you to sleep, focus on the present.

When you feel that nothing is going well for you, focus on the present.

The here and now is the only thing that exists. Make every moment count. Enjoy life. Value everything. Focus on the present and there you will find peace.

Trust in life

Precisely, focusing on the present frees us. It connects us with the entire Universe. It reminds us that the only thing that exists is this moment. Thus, our need for control is diminished. We can allow ourselves to breathe in this here and now, realizing that at this moment we have everything.

In the present, the need for control disappears. This is replaced by the full assurance that absolutely everything is happening at the perfect moment. And, thus, life is responding to us.

That immense wisdom that moves the trees and that allows our organs to work perfectly, is the same force that ensures that the threads are moved so that we learn the lessons we have to learn, so that we can heal, so we can transform ourselves.

Remember that when you plant something, you do not have to be controlling how the roots grow, or how large the leaves will be, or how to make the color of the fruit exactly what you want.

You do not have to tell your heart every morning to throb, nor do you have to control breathing. You also do not have to tell your stomach how to do digestion.

All this happens naturally. According to your own process. According to your own rhythm. According to its own function. Everything fulfills a purpose.

It is good that, sometimes, we feel that if we do not do it, we will never achieve it, but today I invite you to stop getting in the way. Stop controlling. Come back to the present. To this sacred moment where all the possibilities are. Trust life, because she is always in your favor.