What’s the meaning of therapy?

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Therapy. A simple word that can cause so much confusion. The meaning of therapy is closely connected with a treatment to relieve of pain. And, in reality, there is such a broad spectrum of therapies, that it would be an impossible task to try and fit them all into one single category.

We do like the idea of reliving pain though, because, no matter what our issue is, it is proven that it is profoundly healing to have someone impartial listen to us and be there for us, while we go through life’s ways.

Generally, physical therapy has been much more accepted as, still, issues that arise within the physical body are seen as those that require assistance with. Those illnesses are more openly spoken about. People feel more confident to go to the doctor and request physical therapy. They are open to whatever can be experienced through their bodies.

In the past, mental or emotional therapy has been seen as something that only those who are deeply disturbed make use of. As our society changes, more and more, we are given the opportunity to discover things that were unthinkable before.

Nowadays, there seems to be a therapy for almost everything. Those longstanding traditional ones are still in order and by the minute new ones arise. Fortunately, things have changed a bit and now we know that healing needs to be done at all levels, in all of our bodies, not only the physical one.

Our main aim is to share with you the magnificent possibilities that exist within the world of therapy. And by knowing that there is such a huge variety of them, it makes it possible for anyone who is willing to give it a try to find something that really resonates with them.

We want to focus, primarily, on all of those therapies that allow people to find comfort to their mental and emotional suffering. Those that are rooted mainly in Psychology.

The benefits of seeing a psychologist

It is said that psychologists are the doctors of the soul. They are intuitive and have developed skills to connect deeply with people’s psyche. They can identify patterns and can shed light on things that we would have never even thought of.

Seeing a psychologist as an aid to understand a bit more whatever that we are going through, gives us the possibility to gain greater insight on what is occurring to us. They are specialized in going deep and finding the root of whatever might be causing the discomfort that you’re going through.

Psychologists offer us the possibily to express ourselves in a supported and safe environment, in order to identify why we act or react in a certain way. It doesn’t matter if it’s something chronic or something that just was triggered, giving yourself the gift of therapy, gives you the possibility to deal with it a more powerful way than if you had to do it all by yourself.

The benefits of therapy

There are so many of them. One of the biggest, we would say, is having the possibility to verbalize whatever it is that we are going through. Knowing that we are not alone, that we don’t have to go through life’s turmoil by ourselves. That there is someone with whom we can share our deepest fears and desires.

What is clear, nonetheless, is that the existence of therapy gives people, from all walks of life, a possibility to deal with whatever it is that they are going through with someone that can offer them tools and support.

It has been proven that going to therapy, decreases the levels of stress, increases productivity and teaches coping mechanisms to better face whatever life has in store.

When you know that you are heard, that you have a safe place where you can fully express yourself, that you can share your innermost feelings and thoughts with someone that won’t judge you, our quality of life is automatically increased.

The aspect of confidentiality plays a crucial role as well. During therapy, everything that happens stays at the therapist’s office. This already gives us a sense of freedom to give voice to things that we, perhaps, can’t share with anyone else.

How should I know if therapy is for me?

If any of these sound true, then, therapy is definitely for you. There are so many things that can be worked through in therapy. It doesn’t have to be anything complex. It can just be something that you’ve recently discovered or the need of self-improvement.

Don’t be scared thinking that you’ll need years and years of therapy. While they are still longer therapeutic methods, there are also several ones that allow you to gain great insight in just a short time. Every process is unique.

We have often thought that therapy is only suitable for those who are going through some sort of emotional or mental illness. In reality, we can all benefit greatly from it. We encourage you to give different therapies and therapists a try. Explore some more this fascinating world. Allow your soul to express freely, knowing that it is understood.

As you can imagine, we love discovering different therapies and experiencing them first hand. We’d love to know what’s your experience. Have you been to therapy? If so, what kind of therapy do you like?