Why connecting with your ancestors will set you free

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We are not alone. Even if we often do feel like we are. We are coming from a long line of generations of men and women who have been here before us. They have been opening up the path for us, birthing life and doing, the very best they can, while having this human experience.

What do you know about you ancestors? Do you know your family history? Have you ever wondered how what they went through can be affecting your life and having a strong influence in the decisions that you make?

Just in the same way as we have our dad’s hair and our mom’s eyes, we are carrying ancestral information within us and we are, in most cases, not even aware of it. We falsely believe that everything that we are experiencing is solely dependent on us when, in reality, there are thousands of threads of invisible loyalties weaving your story.

Let me tell you some more. If, looking backwards you realize that many of your family’s men have died young, leaving their wifes with small kids alone, and that then the women have had a really hard life filled with struggles to keep their families afloat, that could be affecting you right now. What do you think could happen with you if the previous story has happened?

If you are a woman, maybe you are really focused on your career or you’re having a really hard time to have a stable partnership. It could even be that you’ve been trying for a really long time to get pregnant and you haven’t managed to do so, even if medically everything seems to be fine. There is imminent danger running through your family’s subconscious beliefs. So, in order to avoid being a widow, to not suffer, like they did, you stay alone or don’t have kids. All of this is so that you don’t go through the same pain that your female ancestors did.

Yes, I know how wacky it can all sound and you can even be wondering what on Earth does this all have to do with you. I promise you that it is not something that you integrate consciously or that your mind necessarily understands but, in your subconscious your family’s story can be causing some sort of block.

I’ve seen so many cases along those lines. In my own life and in my patients’ lives. A great-grandfather that they never knew that had to work so hard to gain money. The grandmother that came from money and ran away with the butler. The great uncle that went to war. The great great grandma that died giving birth to her baby. And, like that, generation after generation, has been recording memories and doing all they can to either repeat it or do the complete opposite.

Today, I want to invite you to get to know a bit better your family tree. Ask questions and try to reconstruct your story. You are coming from there anyway. Thanks to every single one of them, you received life.

I know that you can have so many doubts when going deeper into this process. What do I do with the information? What happens if I can’t find anything out? What if I am adopted? What if everyone who could tell me something more died already? Don’t worry. It’s ok. Often we don’t have all of the information that we want to have and that is okay. Just by being open and receptive to connecting with our ancestors is more than enough. The deep understanding that comes from acknowledging that they were here before you and I is so powerful. Even if you don’t know their names or stories.

I want to share with you a little prayer so that you can connect with your ancestors and feel all of their strength with you. Get yourself in a comfortable position. Inhale. Exhale. Do it 3 times. Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale.

Now, repeat silently or aloud:

Beloved ancestors:

I see you, I honor you, I give you your place.
I take with love the life that you have given me and I am grateful for it.
Today I see all of your story and all that you’ve been through.
And, to it all, I say YES.
For a long time I have carried things that don’t belong to me.
I have done it out of love for you.
Now, the time has come for me to let it go.
I give back to you what belongs to you.
What’s yours is yours and what’s mine is mine.
I won’t carry it anymore.
I know that you’ve done it the best that you can.
Now I choose to do things differently.
Please, look at me with good eyes and bless me so that I can do great things with my life.
Allow me to feel your infinite love and support.
Now and forever I choose to remember that I am not alone because, through love, you are always with me.

Repeat this prayer as much as needed. And, then, be aware of your dreams, of the signs, of the information that you receive. Our ancestors always find the way to communicate with us. Remember, you are not alone.