My name is Diana González Hernández

Psychology Degree

Languages: English Spanish

I suffered from generalized anxiety but I also overcame it and today based on my experience and the work done with dozens of patients, I can confirm that anxiety can be transformed and build a life full of health.

Type of therapy
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Health Psychology Mindfulness Therapy Psychoeducation Psychotherapy
Therapy categories
Anxiety Burnout syndrome Healthy Habits Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Positive Thinking Postraumatic Disorder (PTSD) Stress Management
My Biography

Psychologist, a specialist in anxiety and stress disorders: Obsessive thoughts, panic attacks, generalized anxiety, Burnout syndrome, emotional fatigue, and others. Anxiety disorders are exhausting and have the ability to nullify our quality of life, but no matter how hard they are, they have a solution thanks to cognitive psychology and other tools.


Online sessions
Base price 65.93 $