My name is Florencia Nicolas

Bachelor degree in Psychology, National University of Córdoba, Argentina Diplomacy in Family Therapy, Hospital Sant Pau, Barcelona Diplomacy in Short Therapy, Brief Therapy Center, Barcelona Master in Estrategic Therapy, Systemic School, Argentina Master in Mindfulness, Multiple Inteligences and Neurocience, Camilo José Cela University Superior course in Mindfulness and coaching, DEUSTO Salud

Languages: Spanish English

The best way to change the world is knowing ourselves and changing from love and awareness.

Type of therapy
Art Therapy Astrological Psychology Basic Body Awareness Therapy Brief Strategic Therapy Coaching Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Counselling Existential Psychotherapy Life Coaching Mindfulness Therapy Psychoeducation Psychotherapy Systemic Psychology Third Generation Therapy Yoga
Therapy categories
Anger Management Anxiety Body Dysmorphic Disorder Couples Defense mechanisms Depression Diversity Eating Disorders Effective communication Emotion regulation Emotional Care Emotional Coaching Healthy Habits Impostor Syndrome LGBT Issues Limiting Beliefs Migration Parent Bonding Parenting Positive Thinking Self Esteem Self Knowledge Sex Education Stress Management
My Biography

My name is Florencia Nicolas, I'm a psychologist. I was always a very curious person interested by human behaviours and different ways of living. That's why I studied a bachelor degree in psychology in Argentina. I think that this gave me more questions that answers and that's why I started looking for new therapies, courses, workshops and practises. Right now I'm living in Barcelona, trying to pr...


Online sessions
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