My name is Júlia Marzal

- Degree in Psychology (University of Barcelona) - Master's Degree in General Health Psychology (Universidad Rovira y Virgili)

Languages: Catalan Spanish English

Hic et nunc

Type of therapy
Clinical Psychology Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Health Psychology Integrative Psychotherapy Mindfulness Therapy Psychoeducation Psychotherapy Third Generation Therapy
Therapy categories
ADHD Anxiety Autism Depression Emotion regulation Emotional Care Family Goals Healthy Habits Kids Limiting Beliefs Parent Bonding Phobias Self Esteem Self Knowledge Separation Anxiety Stress Management Teenagers
My Biography

Hello! My name is Júlia, I have a degree in Psychology from the University of Barcelona, and a Master in General Health Psychology from the University Rovira y Virgili. During my internship I spent 5 months at CASM Benito Menni in Sant Boi, where I worked in the Acute Unit and in the Day Hospital. I also worked in the Community Rehabilitation Service of the Pere Mata Institute. There I w...


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