My name is María Lucia Pardo
Barcelona, Spain

Undergrad on psychology. Masters in teenage therapy. Clinical Psychology. Third Generation Therapy

Languages: English Spanish

Feeling your emotions in order for thing to start flowing.

Type of therapy
Art Therapy Buddhist Psychology Clinical Psychology Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Counselling Holistic Therapy Humanistic Psychotherapy Transpersonal Systemic Therapy Yoga
Therapy categories
Addictions Anger Management Anxiety Burnout syndrome Effective communication Emotion regulation Emotional Care Emotional Coaching Life Purpose Parenting Positive Thinking Separation Anxiety Stress Management
My Biography

My name is María Lucia and I am passionate about psychology. This beautiful profession has taught me and continues to teaching me. Through my experiences and studies I am grateful that I can help people who need guidance to find emotional balance and liberating self-knowledge. I trusted infinitely in the importance of being aware of our emotions and the importance of allowing ourselves to feel the...


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